SolarSpace ranked as a Tier 1 PV Module Manufacturer by BNEF – EQ Mag

Recently, SolarSpace was ranked as one of the Tier 1 global PV module manufacturers in the first second quarter of 2023 by BENF for its excellent product performance, reliable product quality and sustainable financing ability.

BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) is a leading provider of energy research and information. Bloomberg has developed and established a rigorous supplier rating system, which is regarded as a fair and credible reference for the industry. Enterprises ranked as the Tier 1 manufacturers need to prove that they can provide self-branded and self-produced module products for six different projects, and these projects need to obtain non-recourse financing from six different non-policy banks. Due to the rigorous selection criteria, this rating system is considered to be authoritative and credible in the industry, and is an important judgment basis for the investment attraction of global PV projects.

Founded in 2011, SolarSpace is a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cell and module products integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Since its establishment, SolarSpace has been relying on photovoltaic product manufacturing, focusing on technology R&D and innovation, creating an efficient manufacturing and management system, and providing a mature and stable supply guarantee. At present, the company has six production bases and seven smart factories located in Xuzhou, Suqian, Chuzhou ,Cambodia and Laos, with a production capacity of more than 3oGW of high-efficiency cells and more than 5GW of high-efficiency modules. Its technical products include PERC, N-type TOPCon, etc., and its business covers China, Europe, India, Australia and other countries and regions around the world. With SolarSpace being ranked as a Tier 1 manufacturer, it is fully proved that the bankability of SolarSpace was recognized by many banks around the world demonstrating SolarSpace’s strength and ability in the field of module manufacturing as well as reliable brand credibility and market reputation.

In 2023, SolarSpace will continue to expand its production capacity at home and abroad to form a production scale exceeding 50GW of high-efficiency cells and 5.7GW of high-efficiency modules, further improve the technical process and product supply capabilities, and provide customers with better products and service solutions.